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About Project Midnight

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Project Midnight started out as an idea for a Midnight Club inspired racing game titled "Project: Midnight" (PM) in late mid 2018. This game's main motivation to be created was to make a better game for the "Ultimate Driving Racing Club (UDRC)" to race in. Lead by Blocky and Fite, this was just an idea and never had much other than a map. A side game, titled "Project Midnight: Drift" was created for fun, and over time became PM's main game and set the ground for the current PM: classic universe.

Blocky and Fite started with absolutely no prior experience doing any sort of Roblox Development, and so a lot of PM's early games were very, very bad. Most of the concepts done then are still in use today, so don't worry about missing out on anything (though, we do let you access most of our early games, if you really wanted to.)

Project Midnight: New Westpoint was the second map that was created to go alongside Drift, and started the concept of having connected maps.

Up until this point, Project Midnight was developed only by Blocky and Fite. However, in early 2019, two other friends joined up, and soon they all created a new Roblox group titled "Team Orbit"

Team Orbit Era

Team Orbit was a short lived group, consisting of four (and later on, 5) friends. During this time, PM would get its first hub, UI, and general scripting stuff as Fite would begin learning how to script. Team Orbit was the "turning point" of PM per say, where it stopped being a random side project and started being a real focus. A lot more effort would begin to be put into PM in late 2019 and into 2020.

In early 2020, the PM Universe would be redone, creating the first universe split. Games made before this point would be discontinued and new maps would be the beginnings for the PM: Modern universe. (At this time, the concept for multiple universes was not thought of yet, and later on the discontinued maps would be revived to create PM: Classic)

In May 2020, Team Orbit would suffer from internal battles and close. At this time, PM was considered a dead game. However, it wouldn't stay like that forever.

Cube Studios Era

Cube Studios would get its beginnings shortly after the fallout of Team Orbit, when Blocky, Nate, and Playtubers would start a new, then-unrelated game titled "Project South Ridge" (PSR). Fite would not be involved for a short while because of the Team Orbit drama, and therefore PSR reused old PM systems. PSR was the beginning point of the PM: Orbitra universe, starting out as just a section of the Orbit Empire. The first map to be built would be PSR: Bayridge Junction. This game would start a series of games set in Orbitra, and PSR would become a series of maps similar to what PM was.

In October 2020, Fite would return to development and enter Cube Studios, and shortly after the concept of remastering Project Midnight was thought of as a side project to PSR. The "remaster" concept would be short lived and soon and instead PM would be completely revived as a companion game to PSR, and both would be separate games that ran the exact same UI and backend. This would only live on until July 2021 though, as the two games were merged into one at that point. In this merge, PSR games would become the PM: Orbitra Universe, PM would become PM: Modern, and the old games that were discontinued in Team Orbit would be cleaned up and became the PM: Classic universe. From this point on, PM would be the state that it is today.

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