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Module:Road data/strings/FRA

From Cube Studios Wiki

Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Road data/strings/FRA/doc

To inspect the content of this data module, use [[Special:ExpandTemplates]]
and enter the following input text:
  {{#invoke:Road data/dump|dump|module=Module:<name-of-this-module>}}

To inspect the content of this data module when editing, enter the following
into the Debug console:
  local util = require("Module:Road data/util")
To inspect a particular route type, change `p` above to include the route type,
e.g., `p.I` and `p["US-Hist"]`.

-- France
local FRA = {}

local util = require("Module:Road data/util")
util.addAll(FRA, require("Module:Road data/strings/EUR"))

FRA.E.shield = "Route européenne %route%.svg"
FRA.E.color = "EUR-FRA"

FRA.A.shield = "Autoroute française %route%.svg" = "Autorute A%route%" = "A%route% autoroute"
FRA.A.color = "motorway"
FRA.A.translation = {
	arg = "route",
	["86"] = "Paris super-périphérique",
	["507"] = "2ème rocade de Marseille"
FRA.A.lang = "fr"

FRA.D.shield = {
	ifexists = true,
	default = "Route départementale française %route%.svg",
	otherwise = ""
} = "Departmental Road D%route%"
FRA.D.color = "MUTCDgreen"
FRA.D.translation =  "Route départementale %route%"
FRA.D.lang = "fr"

FRA.N.shield = "Route nationale française %route%.svg" = "National Road N%route%" = "Route nationale %route%"
FRA.N.translation = "Route nationale %route%"
FRA.N.lang = "fr"
FRA.N.color = "MUTCDgreen"

return FRA
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