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Module:Road data/strings/MEX

From Cube Studios Wiki

Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Road data/strings/MEX/doc

To inspect the content of this data module, use [[Special:ExpandTemplates]]
and enter the following input text:
  {{#invoke:Road data/dump|dump|module=Module:<name-of-this-module>}}

To inspect the content of this data module when editing, enter the following
into the Debug console:
  local util = require("Module:Road data/util")
To inspect a particular route type, change `p` above to include the route type,
e.g., `p.I` and `p["US-Hist"]`.

-- Mexico
local MEX = {}

MEX.FH = {
	shield = "Carretera federal %route%.svg",
	name = "Federal Highway %route%",
	link = "Mexican Federal Highway %route% [dab||(%dab%)|]",
	abbr = "Fed.&nbsp;%route%",
	orientation = "upright",
	translation = "Carretera federal %route%",
	maint = "[[Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico)|Secretariat of Communications and Transportation]]",
	nbrowse = "[[Mexican Federal Highway]]s",
	nbrowselinks = {
		[1] = "[[List of Mexican Federal Highways|List]]",
		[2] = "[[List of Mexican autopistas|''Autopistas'']]"

MEX["Federal Highway"] = MEX.FH

local stateBrowse = {
 	arg = "state",
	AGU = "State highways in Aguascalientes",
	BCN = "State highways in Baja California",
	BCS = "State highways in Baja California Sur",
	CAM = "State highways in Campeche",
	CHP = "State highways in Chiapas",
	CHH = "State highways in Chihuahua",
	COA = "State highways in Coahuila",
	COL = "State highways in Colima",
	DIF = "State highways in the Federal District",
	DUR = "[[Durango state highways|State highways in Durango]]",
	GUA = "State highways in Guanajuato",
	GRO = "State highways in Guerrero",
	HID = "State highways in Hidalgo",
	JAL = "State highways in Jalisco",
	MEX = "State highways in Mexico State",
	MIC = "State highways in Michoacan",
	MOR = "State highways in Morelos",
	NAY = "State highways in Nayarit",
	NLE = "State highways in Nuevo Leon",
	OAX = "State highways in Oaxaca",
	PUE = "State highways in Puebla",
	QUE = "State highways in Queretaro",
	ROO = "State highways in Quintana Roo",
	SLP = "State highways in San Luis Potosi",
	SIN = "State highways in Sinaloa",
	SON = "[[List of highways in Sonora|Highways in Sonora]]",
	TAB = "State highways in Tabasco",
	TAM = "State highways in Tamaulipas",
	TLA = "State highways in Tlaxcala",
	VER = "State highways in Veracruz",
	YUC = "State highways in Yucatan",
	ZAC = "State highways in Zacatecas"

MEX.SH = {
	shield = "Carretera estatal %route%.svg",
	shieldmain = {
		hook = "mask",
		mask = "Road data/masks/MEX",
		base = "state",
		masked = "fullstate",
		default = "Carretera estatal %route% (%fullstate%).svg"
	name = "State Highway %route%",
	link = {
		hook = "mask",
		mask = "Road data/masks/MEX",
		base = "state",
		masked = "fullstate",
		default = "%fullstate% State Highway %route%"
	abbr = "SH&nbsp;%route%",
	orientation = "upright",
	translation = "Carretera estatal %route%",

MEX.road = {
	shield = '',
	name = "%route%",
	link = '',
	abbr = "%route%",

-- add new types above this line if you want it to have the provincial highway browse and maint
for k, v in pairs(MEX) do if k:find ("^%a") then
	v.browse = stateBrowse
	v.lang = "es-mx"

return MEX
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