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Module:Road data/strings/USA/regional/GRR

From Cube Studios Wiki

Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Road data/strings/USA/regional/GRR/doc

To inspect the content of this data module, use [[Special:ExpandTemplates]]
and enter the following input text:
  {{#invoke:Road data/dump|dump|module=Module:<name-of-this-module>}}

To inspect the content of this data module when editing, enter the following
into the Debug console:
  local util = require("Module:Road data/util")
To inspect a particular route type, change `p` above to include the route type,
e.g., `p.I` and `p["US-Hist"]`.

-- Great River Road
local GRR = {}

local util = require("Module:Road data/util")

	shield = "GreatRiverRoad.svg",
	name = "Great River Road",
	link = "Great River Road",
	abbr = "Great River Road[route|| (%route% Route)|]",
	banner = {
		arg = "route",
		National = "National Route plate.svg",
		["Alternate National"] = "Alternate plate.svg",
		Alternate = "Alternate plate.svg"
	bannersuffix = "Vermont",
	nbrowse = "[[Scenic byways in the United States|Scenic Byways]]",
	nbrowselinks = {
		[1] = "[[National Scenic Byway|National]]",
		[2] = "[[National Forest Scenic Byway|National Forest]]",
		[3] = "[[Bureau of Land Management Back Country Byway|BLM]]",
		[4] = "[[National Parkway|NPS]]",

GRR["GRR-Spur"] = {
	shield = "GreatRiverRoad brown.svg",
	link = "Great River Road",
	abbr = "Great River Road Spur",
	banner = "Spur plate brown.svg",
	bannersuffix = "brown",
	nbrowse = GRR.GRR.nbrowse,
	nbrowselinks = GRR.GRR.nbrowselinks

return GRR
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