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An updated Köppen climate map
Color Climate type Temperature Precipitation Example Earth example
Tropical rainforest Always hot/warm Very wet Coast of Hóng Lóng Dǎo Kuala Lumpur
Tropical monsoon Always hot/warm Mostly wet, semi dry winter Nishi, Kaiyo Miami
Savanna Always hot/warm Wet summer, dry winter New Dune, DL Bangkok
Hot desert Hot days, mild nights Very dry Saguaro Valley, DL Phoenix
Hot semi-arid Hot days, mild nights Semi dry Cibo City, TDC McAllen, TX
Cold desert Warm days, cold nights Very dry Mantequilla, DL Tonopah, NV
Cold semi-arid Warm days, cold nights Semi dry Reeballagh, New Ulster Denver
Humid subtropical Hot summer, cool winter Wet Bayshore City, SR Atlanta
Oceanic Warm/mild summer, cool winter Wet Newport, Lincoln London
Subpolar oceanic Always cool but not cold Wet Wells, Lincoln Reykjavík
Hot-summer mediterranean Hot summer, cool winter Dry summer, wet winter Kent, Lincoln Los Angeles
Warm-summer mediterranean Warm summer, cool winter Dry summer, wet winter Lincolnshire, Lincoln Portland, OR
Cool-summer mediterranean Always cool but not cold Dry summer, wet winter somewhere in lignareix Balmaceda, Chile
Hot-summer continental Hot summer, cold winter Moderate Central City Chicago
Warm-summer continental Warm summer, cold winter Moderate Cote de la Baie Moscow
Subarctic Mild/cool summer, very cold winter Moderate Mawasaka, Oakland Anchorage
Tundra Always cold Depends Nanpō City, Kaiyo Prudhoe Bay, AK
Ice cap Always very cold Usually dry North/South Pole South Pole
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