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Pentland, despite not being as old as some of the other nations of Lenara, has just as rich of a history as any other.


For a significant portion of human history, modern day Pentland was mostly uninhabited, due to its arid conditions and general lack of usable land. even though the native inhabitants of Lenara island had an extremely advanced society for its time, they never expanded beyond their local lands of the island in the north-northeast corner, with the westernmost settlements being the historic village of Sandakan, in modern day Carisle Parish. through digging into historical writings and retellings of oral folklore, it is belived that some regions of modern pentland were avoided from fear, with one account telling a tale of a dragon from the mountains of modern day carisle.

Colonial Era

In 1688, Captain James Matley led the first Lincolnite crew to discover Lenara Island, Landing near the Southeastern coast in modern day New Ulster. apon arrival, they were met with stormy winter conditions. In his written account, Matley characterized the landscape as "hostille & barrene, 'twasn't fit for man-kinde." They left quite quickly after gathering what little supplies and food the crew could find in the area.

For around four decades, the empire considered the island unfit for settlement, only occasionally fishing off the rich waters in the east of the island. This was until Alexander Whitby, part of the Lincoln nobility, who had, with little success, started a plantation company on Impala Island, saw potential in the more fertile shores of northeastern Lenara island. He pleaded to the Royal Colonial Society, asking for funding in order to set up a colony on the island. They agreed, and the Lenara Plantation Colony was established in the northeast sector of the island.

in 1731, the city of Saint John was established as a trading post for the western Lenara Colony. lots of rich Lincish oligarchs began to move to the colonys western coast via Saint John as the region had great potential for vineyards and wineries, the city of Westminister was established by the oligarchs in 1734.

in 1740, coal was discovered in the eastern regions of the Great Pentlandian Desert, leading to the creations of the mining town of Wilford. the need for mine workers led to a large amount of poor lincish peoples moving to the colony to work in the coal mines. some moving up into the mountains, inhabiting an abandoned Versaillian village from their colony further south that was on the northern face of Mt. Dartmouth, known as Glenagnes. The influx of people to the region led to the small port towns of Portsmouth, established in 1735, to expand massively during this time.

in 1758, the richer colonists of western Lenara wanted to seperate from the colony and be established as the "Dominion of Pentland", the name coming from the Pentlandian Desert, that dominatest the landscape of the country. however, things would not pan out as the colonists hoped.

The War of 1760

the Lincoln Empire had ongoing trade disputes with the island nation of Verdeia, a close Ally of Versaillia, which claimed that Lincoln was Illegally cutting through their territorial waters to shortcut their travel routes between Lincoln and the Mainland, in response to this, Lincoln prevented Verdeian ships from entering Lincish ports, and Versaillia prevented Lincish ships from entering Versaillian ports as a response to this conflict with their ally. this hit a peak in 1760 when it was decided that lincoln would invade Verdeia and annex it into the new lincoln colony, that Lincoln had recently formed from stolen Storlandian territory. this invasion would mark a full scale war between Verdeia, Lincoln and its Colonies, and Versaillia and its Colonies.

Lincoln ended up being beat back by Versaillia on the mainland, while the Versaillian navy kept Lincoln from making any progress on Verdeia. meanwhile, Versaillia mobilized the Lignareix army to invade and Occupy the Lenara Colony, with Westminster being stormed in 1761.

in 1763. Lincoln gave in and surrendered, and as conditions to surrender, they would forefit western Lenara to the colony of Lignareix, along with parts of the New Lincoln colony that were later taken by Storland.

Versaillian Occupation

Western Lenara Island under Lignareix saw some significant changes, Saint John, the regions provincial capital, was renamed to Saint Martin, and the official language was changed to Versaillian, a lot of the Lincish oligarchs managed to flee the invasion, though some decided to stay, largely in Westminister.

Clemenceau Riots of 1829

to be written.

Pentland War of Independence

to be written.

Independence and Modern Era

to be written.

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