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Tellus/Orbit Empire/Eagles Nest

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Eagles Nest
Flag of Tellus/Orbit Empire/Eagles Nest
• Current Governor
John Stauburn
EstablishmentJanuary 14, 1835

Eagles Nest is a county in the western region of the Orbit Empire. Eagles Nest borders Oakland to the north, Vibe and the Capital District to the east, South Ridge to the southeast, Emperia to the southwest, and the Arcadian States of Northland and Algonquin to the west. Of the 10 Counties, it is the 6th largest by area. With a population of nearly (to be defined), Eagles Nest is the (TBD)th-most populous county. Its capital and largest city is Empire, with other large population centers including Massaren, Big Ridge, Scottsville, Windsor-St Johns, Leithbridge, Richmond, Willard, and Connelsville. Eagles Nest is nicknamed the "Industrial County", after its importance in the Orbit steel industry, auto industry, coal industry, and limestone industry.

Eagles Nest Derives its name from a famous incident during the end of the The Great Civil War, the story goes is that in 1834, on the west bank of the Mohawk River, President Daniel Wesley was meeting with the leader of the Emperian Confederacy to negotiate the official terms of the surrender that had happened a few weeks earlier, when an eagle suddenly appeared from behind some woodland nearby, flying overhead, President Wesley was so awestruck by this, that when the time came to name the new territory that they split off from Emperia, it was named the "Eagles Nest" Territory, and the name stuck.


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