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History of the Orbit Empire

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Indigenous peoples and pre-settlement history

The Earliest History of the Region Dates Back to around 4,800 BCE, Where the native Algonquin and Waabshki Tribes expanded into Modern Day Oakland and Eagles Nest County, with traces of Algonquin settlement being found as far east as Northeastern Saint-Thomas County. these native peoples were relatively isolated from the outside world due to natural barriers such as the Arcadian Mountain Range in Western Arcadia, the Milano-Royaume Mountains in Royaume Du Lac and Milan, and the Gulf and Sea of Arcadia.

Lincoln Empire colonization

Around 1540, the Lincoln Empire was in its age of expansion, expeditions were being sent out to explore the islands of the Palencian Ocean, one of these expeditions, which was led by explorer William Arnolds, set off in a northwestern direction towards the main continent, to see what he would find, and sure enough, around 7 months later, William Arnold's ship had made a landing at what is now the coast of West Mesa Island, Vibe County. in 1594, a permanent settlement was made here, originally called, New Lincolnshire, further explorations resulted in the entire southwestern Emperia Baycoast becoming Officially, "The Outer Colonies of Orbitra" in 1612.


The region slowly developed over the century, and as the 1700s began, so did a yearning for independence, the settlers didn't want to be some colony to an empire, they wanted to be their own, sovereign nation. in 1719, Representatives of the Lincoln Empire Arrived in West Mesa City (at the time known as New Lincolnshire) to discuss possible separation and independence. this ended up not going very well, after one of the orbitran representatives and future first President William Charelstown threw a book at James Atkinson, one of the Lincoln Empire Representatives, and saying, "have you come to give us independence or to waste our time with ridiculous proposals?" when the news of this spread around the colony, riots and protests and boycotts erupted everywhere, and eventually, the lincoln empire decided it wasnt worth it to try and keep it , given the other issues they were dealing with at the time, and on October 18th 1721, the orbit empire was recognized as an independent nation, and a few weeks later, William Charelstown was Elected as the First President of the Orbit Empire.

Territorial Expansion

around the same time, the National Government was finalized, and Vibe County officially was admitted to the Empire. the land outside of the defined borders of vibe were divided into 2 Territorial regions, Oakland Territory, and Emperia Territory, in 1722, the plans were laid out for a planned city to be the national capital, set on the border of the Emperia Territory and Vibe, the town was originally going to be called Charelstown, but President Charelstown voted against the idea, and suggesting to call it Central City, as it was meant to be seen as the center of the national government. Central City was Completed in 1730, and the city limits around it were seperated from Vibe County to become the Capital District. small land purchases continued in the eastern regions heading into the 1800s. in 1808, the Emperia Territory split and became the County of Emperia, and the Northern Emperia Territory. in 1830, Vibe Island was purchased from Royaume Du Lac (Lake Kingdom), and it was absorbed into Vibe County

The Great Civil War

in 1830, the national government passed a law that benefited industry development in vibe county, and negatively impacted a lot of rural areas in the Southern Emperia Region, this would be the beginning of a souring relationship between the Emperia County Government and the National Government, and in 1831, it reached a breaking point, with Emperia County declaring themselves independent, and declaring war on the orbit empire, this would become the Formation of the Confederate Provinces of Emperia, which included the Province of Emperia, and the South Ridge Province, in the upper mountain area near the Northern Emperia Territory Border, Northern Emperia would be absorbed into the CPOE shortly after its formation, at the Battle of South Ridge City, after this, Emperia pushed towards Central City, with their army being led by General Randall Hays, Hays would meet heavy resistance in the City of Empire, Northern Emperia, and be forced to Retreat to Fort Larson, NE (Northern Emperia), Meanwhile, Orbitran Millitary General Michael Adams was in the process of pushing Emperia Resistance out of Eastern South Ridge Province, and by 1833, the 2 Generals would meet at the Battle of Emperia City, the result of the battle is the surrender of the CPOE, and reunification of the Empire, apon reunificaion, the CPOE was divided into Emperia County, Newly formed South Ridge County, and Newly Formed Eagles Nest County.

The Desertlands Border War

Just After the End of the Civil War, the Orbit Empire began its expansions of territory and influence in the region, first, by Admitting Oakland as a County in 1836, and Charelstown (Now Called Desertlands) in 1840, the orbit empire began discussions with Royaume Du Lac in purchasing some land, the result being a large chunk of the Desertlands Peninsula, however, The Orbit empire claimed this included a square of land East of the Viejo Sol Canyon, whille the Royaume du lac Claim did not, Orbit would go on to estabilish a fort in this region, called Fort Saguaro, along with a small settlement nearby, all seemed to be well, untill one late september evening in 1852, when a wave of Royaume Du Lac Soldiers descended apon the area, which was not very well armed at the moment, as they were waiting for a shipment of ammunition from Jackson City, way out in the west, out of the 3500 Soldiers, and their families living in the small settlement next to the fort, only a handful of the soldiers made it out alive. when word reach the Capital in Central City, they declared war on Royaume du lac, by first marching troops to the canyon, and then fighting their way up to the Provincial Capital of this region of the Opposing nation, Ville-Brunswick, and , partially as an act of revenge, burned down 90% of the entire city, and raising the Orbit Flag atop the "Grand Bluff" along the Saint Marie River", by 1854, they were back in the remains of Fort Saguaro, at the end of this battle, Royaume Du Lac Surrendered, and in turn, lost all of its eastern claims , which all became the modern Counties of Terre De Prosperite, and Saint-Thomas.

Arcadian Alliance and Becoming a World Power

after beating Royaume Du Lac into Submission, The Orbit Empire wanted to seek out protection and and alliance with the neighboring naiton of the United Kingdoms of Arcadia, which was pretty easy, as the leaders from each got along well, and they both became nations around similar times, though Arcadia was the bigger global power with its industrial might and major port at Port Arthur. The Orbit Empire also began to heavily industrialize and develop their military and naval strength, and by 1900, they were one of the leading powers of the local area, only behind Arcaida, The Orbit Empire became one of the Founding Members of the USN, United Soverign Nations, stationed in Corbel, New Lincoln, in 1930.

Orbit Involvement within the 1916 "Godunov-Santa Maria" War

Around 1915, Tensions between the then Communist Nation of the Peoples Republic of Godunov and the Capitalist Republic of Santa Maria led to an all out war. Orbit joined with Santa Maria to help squash the invasion force. Orbit Troops Would be the ones to eventually invade Godunov and Force a Surrender , ending the Short but Brutal War, Many War Veterans of that war would go on to say how awful the fighting was, being stuck within a trench in snow, with Artillery fire raining down apon you.

Oceanic Expansion and Conquest

The early 20th century was defined by the purchase of multiple oceanic territories of the orbit empire, starting with the Island of Saint Louis, from the Lincoln Empire, and later Kai'akea, from the United South Islands. Kai'akea would later go on to become the 10th county on July 15th' 1951. orbit also wanted to try buying west side island from the impala islands, but ended up not doing so after negotiations went south.

The 1950s and Orbit

The Orbit Empire experienced a bit of a cultural revolution in the 1950s, due to the result of the increased patriotism of the civilian population around this time. due to the war over in East Milan that orbit dragged itself into, the orbit industrial complex was firing on all cylinders, making tanks, guns, planes, bombs, and whatever else, setting things up for a post war boom in the economy.

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