Tellus/Orbit Empire/Oakland

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Flag of Tellus/Orbit Empire/Oakland
CapitalRedwood City
• Current Governor
Scott Wozniak
EstablishmentMarch 9, 1836


This region was originally a section of uninhabited woodland owned by the Republic of Saint-Lawrence. The region was purchased by the Orbit Empire in 1811 where it became the Oakland Territory. Not many people moved into the region for a while with the largest populations being in the town of Redwood City and Bristol, along with most of modern day Saint Thomas county which was part of the territory at the time. It was like this until after the war in 1834 when a resident of Redwood City found gold in the nearby Acadia River. Around this time the territory got its modern county borders and officially became a county. In the southern regions, the population exploded with Redwood City becoming a massive exporter of gold. Eventually the gold rush ended but Redwood City still continued strong, however the areas near the Eagle River that divided Eagles Nest and Oakland suffered along with most of Eagles Nest around the mid-century era (1960s-ish). One of the worst hit areas was likely Alenston, a river town on the border, which was once booming, but faded into obscurity. Oakland County is a fairly simple place in terms of history, but it's still one of the most beautiful with its central redwood forests and mountains of the Great Range.

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