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Isles of Lincoln

From Cube Studios Wiki

The Kingdom of The Isles of Greater and Lesser Lincoln, commonly known as the Isles of Lincoln or simply Lincoln, is a sovereign nation in the southern hemisphere bordering the Western and Palencian oceans. The nation includes the Greater and Lesser Isles of Lincoln, the Isle of Eastport, the Isle of Saint Andrew, and other various small islands.

The Isles of Lincoln is an unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The Monarch, King Richard VIII, has reigned since 1957. The capital and largest city is not_london, a global city and financial center with a metropolitan area population of 18 million. Other major cities include Oxford, Chesterton, Warwick, and Kent.

The Isles of Lincoln has evolved from thousands of years of development, wars, annexations, diplomacy, and colonization. The Treaty of Unification between the Kingdom of the Greater Island and the Kingdom of the Lesser Island in 1324 formed the earliest version of the Isles of Lincoln, The Lincoln Empire. Ríocht na Culamma (Kingdom of Cullham), and Rìoghachd na Dornaraig (Kingdom of Dornaraig) were also added to the Lincoln Empire, with the Treaty of Island Nations, in 1678. Later, in 1755, the Kingdom of Dornaraig decared its independence from the empire, citing its reasons related to the atrocities the Lincoln Empire was commiting against the native Ulsterite population of Cullham. Cullham would later become independent in the 1930s due to the non-native Lincolnite population separating themselves from the Lincoln Empire, and in 1935, the Lincoln Empire would reform into the Kingdom of The Isles of Greater and Lesser Lincoln.

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