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Tellus/Time Zones

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A time zone is an area that observes a uniform standard time for legal, commercial and social purposes. Time zones tend to follow the boundaries between countries and their subdivisions instead of strictly following longitude, because it is convenient for areas in frequent communication to keep the same time.

All time zones are defined as offsets from Aligned Global Time (AGT), ranging from AGT-13:00 to AGT+12:00. The offsets are by in increments of 1 hour.

The concept of daylight savings time, or the shifting of clocks forward by an hour in summer months, was thought up around the mid 1930s as a way to have more daylight during normal day hours. This was quickly called out as a major health hazard by multiple governments and organizations over concerns of the effects of losing an hour of the day in spring and needing to change the bodies sleep schedule to match and was never implemented anywhere.


The concept of time zones were first conceptualized as a way to keep a steady schedule for trains traveling across the continent. The first to establish time zones was Santa Maria in response to train collisions over bad timesheets in the 1860s. Other countries were quick to follow, and by the 1890s each country had their own set of time zones.

These early time zones were not coordinated with each other in any way, and by 1943 the United Sovereign Nations had stepped in and made a global list of coordinated time zones. All USN members at the time adopted the new time zones, and any countries that was not part of the USN were eventually forced to adopt them or have extremely bad issues doing trade with other countries.

AGT Offsets

Time zones of the world
AGT Offset Locations in Offset
AGT-13 Nordlandet
AGT-12 Nordlandet, Ulster, Kaiyo
AGT-11 Nordlandet, Svenstark, Ulster, Kaiyo
AGT-10 Nordlandet, Santa Maria, Kaiyo
AGT-9 Nordlandet, Santa Maria, Kaiyo
AGT-8 Nordlandet, Santa Maria, Kaiyo
AGT-7 Godunov Republic, Santa Maria
AGT-6 Godunov Republic, Santa Maria, Saint-Petersbourg, Kochi
AGT-5 Godunov Republic, Nortierra, Rudenia, Frescandia, Santa Maria, Kochi, Pentland, Lignareix
AGT-4 Rudenia, Navarre, Kleinland, Hanover Republic, Santa Maria, New Rotterdam, Isles of Lincoln, Hong Long Dao, Lenara, Jaykang, New Ulster
AGT-3 Promania, Rudenia, Trockenland, Hong Long Dao,
AGT-2 Wolfsburg Republic, Bramerhaven, Trockenland, Masfaalt
AGT-1 Wolfsburg Republic, Saqwasibi, United Nations of Arcadia, The Impala Islands
AGT±0 United Nations of Arcadia, The Impala Islands
AGT+1 United Nations of Arcadia, Milan, Orbit Empire, The Impala Islands
AGT+2 United Nations of Arcadia, United South Islands of Palencia
AGT+3 Orbit Empire, United South Islands of Palencia
AGT+4 Orbit Empire, United South Islands of Palencia
AGT+5 Orbit Empire, United South Islands of Palencia, Isles of Lincoln
AGT+6 Orbit Empire, United South Islands of Palencia, Republic of Dornaraig
AGT+7 Orbit Empire, Royume Du Lac, Isles of Lincoln
AGT+8 Milan, Royume Du Lac
AGT+9 Milan, Fjällskogen, Royume Du Lac, Isles of Lincoln
AGT+10 Patria Del Norte, Milan, Patria Del Sud, Fjällskogen, New Lincoln
AGT+11 Patria Del Norte, Patria Del Sud, Norrbotten, Westburg, New Lincoln, South Island Republic, Cullham, Orbit Empire
AGT+12 Patria Del Sud
Difference in time relative to the solar time
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