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Pentland (IPA: /ˈpntlənd riˈahəblək/), officially, the Pentland Republic, is a country consisting of 5 parishes, one federal city, and one island territory that is located on the Western Ocean on the northwest quadrant of Lenara Island, bordering Lignareix to the south and Lenara to the east. The capital and largest city is Revelstoke, located near the northwest of the nation and is one of the largest financial centers of the island. around 66 percent of the nations population of 12.8 million people lives within the line of cities along the western shore between Revelstoke and Westminister.


main article: History of Pentland

Pentland historically was uninhabited for most of human history, before being incorporated into the lenara colony, becoming a playground of the lincish elites, and attempting to seperate from lenara into a lincish dominion. however pentland would be taken by versaillia after [unnamed war] was lost by the lincish and incorporated into lignareix, where it would stay untill the 1830s where violent protests and riots devolved into a full scale war of independence, to which we come to the modern era of pentland


Pentland is located on the northwestern shore of Lenara Island, while also occupying 300-400 small coastal islands, including the Isle of Skipsea. a significant portion of the island is taken up by the Pentlandian Desert, home to 2 of Pentland's endemic Species, the Pentic fox, and the Pentlandian greater roadrunner. To the south of the country lie the (to be named) mountains, with the highest peak, Mount Providince, sitting at 2,956 meters above sea level (9,658 feet), and the Fabre River, which runs from Central Lenara to the southern Gulf of Westminister.


climate summary here


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Pentland is a country that heavily invested in cars for transit back in the 1950s, but transitioned away from being completely car-centric in the late 1970s after a gas crisis crippled the Pentland economy, modern Pentland now has a large rail network along with an expansive highway network.


Trains have existed in Pentland longer then the country itself has existed, with the Ste-Martin - Clemenceau Railroad opening in 1810, although this rail was temporarily destroyed and closed until 1842, when it was finally reopened exactly 3 years after Lignareix recognized Pentlandian Indpendence. in the modern day, Pentland has a large rail network mainly located within the western regions of the country, due to that region being interconnected and more populous then the east, though there is still a lot of freight rail within the more rural Parishes of Carisle and Kensingshire.


Pentland has one of the largest Highway/Motorway networks on the island of Lenara, with the earliest parts of the network being built in the early 1940s within metropolitan revelstoke, notably the Revelstoke Auto Road, a stretch of motorway that sits along the waterfront in the downtown Boroughs of Battery and St. Johns, now marked as a concurrency between Motorway M5 and M1. officially before the motorway system there was a collection of national roads that served as the arterial road network, however most of these roads were usally small and handled low traffic. to solve this issue, the Pentland Ministry of Transportation along with the President of the time introduced the National Motorways Act of 1951, mandating the creation of a national motorway system to upgrade and replace the aging national route system, with one exception listed as N1 in Hertfordshire and Carisle parishes, as it was considered a "historically important coastal byway" and instead would be bypassed by a new M1 Motorway to the south of it. despite the system being introduced in 1951, it was not officially completed untill 2018, due to budgetary constraints with the final section of M26 in Carisle, and it being difficult to construct within the [to be named] Mountains.

Government and politics


Map of Pentland and its Parishes.

Political divisions

Main Article: Divisions of Pentland

Pentland is divided into 5 parishes, one federal city, and one island.

Parties and elections


Foreign relations


Government finance

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Law enforcement and Crime


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